Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My "Thank You Lord" for Today

Thank You Father I went to the store today and had the opportunity to get the few things I needed. Thanks my grandson Z is having happy days because of his new found relationship (I'm not sure what to call it) he is enjoying it. Thanks already for the arrangements have been made for the feast!
Thanks again for the salvation You provided for us Jesus, thanks for the Holy Spirit You gave us Father to guide us and touch us telling us the right way to go. I always use to call it a "gut feeling" and my pastor told me "there is no such thing as a gut feeling dear, that's the Holy Spirit talking" OK I can believe that, I had never thought of it before.

Thanks a million times for the millions stars You created and their absolute and undeniable beauty. Thank You for the sun which encourages life and the moon which encourages rest, both so awesome and unexplainable. But so simply created and placed there by only You and Your infinite power and majesty. Thank You Father for showing me with all my senses the Greatness of You. I love nature so much and so appreciate all of it, I sometimes think I can just breathe You in. You make me feel that close to it, a part of it - I have always been able to feel that, Thank You

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