Monday, November 17, 2008

Thinking While Thanking

Wow, I usually write the night before but last night I was so tired I lay down to watch some TV and recuperate but I fell asleep.

It was a very tiring weekend. I woke up this morning and thought Oh My Gosh! before my feet hit the floor so, here I am praying and writing.

Last week I wrote a
post (on a not so good day) about my grandchild living with me. I was whining and crying while begging the Lord to do something! He has, there have been improvements in our lives and I have been "thinking while thanking".

I was upset, angry, frustrated and screaming at my Father, why did he listen to me. My earthly father certainly wouldn't have, he would have punished me. God is the Ultimate Father, the one who can't make a mistake, will never let you down, will never break a promise to you and will always love you and let you lean, scream, cry, beg or be just as frustrated as you need to be. Thank you so much God for being that Father, for being in control and for intervening when I need you to, for teaching me and thumping me every now and then when I need it. Thank You for answering every prayer the right way, not my way.

Thank You for loving me and taking care of me even when I am angry, frustrated, crying, mumbling instead of speaking clearly and when I just don't make sense at all. Thank You Lord for having a sense of humor and letting me feel when You are laughing and teaching me to laugh at myself also.

Thank You God our Father for being that Parent to anyone who will accept You and trust You, anyone who will say "I believe", "I know that Your Son is Jesus Christ the Savior of this world, the One who died on the cross at Calvary and sacrificed all for me and my misgivings, I believe".

You heard every word I cried and You felt every emotion I felt and You love us enough to help us again and again. I love You Father, and Amen.


  1. After reading this post I had a thought. You wrote "I was upset, angry, frustrated and screaming at my Father, why did he listen to me"
    Well perhaps he couldn't hear your whining and crying because he was too busy listening to the prayers of those asking him to make life a little less stressful for you. And like any earthly parent would do, maybe he was just ignoring you until you got over

  2. That could be so true my friend (LOL), I am so glad He is so loving and forgiving.

  3. Our Heavenly Dad is all-wise, all-lvoing, all-kind to us. That's such a wonderful thought to ponder.



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