Friday, October 24, 2008

Just like that!

I was remembering when my three children were small, they were in baseball and softball (boy's/girls) or in football and cheer leading all the time.

It was rewarding because it made them feel so proud of themselves. But it was no picnic for me the parent. Heavens! They being three different ages were in three different groups or teams and never was I lucky enough for them to be practicing at the same time on the same day at the same field. I honestly don't know how I did it.

I also worked full time and coached, I really don't remember how I managed it and survived. As I remember how horrible that was and exhausting I for some reason have a smile on my face. I'm guessing it's pure love that puts the smile there. It has nothing to do with what my children have earned or deserve it's just that I love them so and even those are warm memories. As rough as it was, as time consuming and as exhausting it is somehow a sweet memory as I look back because it was time spent on each other.

The chaos when you are in the moment is agonizing but when the moment is over and it is only a memory without the attached emotions it can even become light and amusing.

I am thinking of God and how he manages billions of us at once, inconceivable isn't it and it makes me laugh just to think about it. I guess I smile because I am seeing Him as the parent and us as His children and imagining the same relationship between Him and me as myself and my children. I see Him sitting up there "wait, no, stop that, oh very good, Jean don't do that, Miawa how many times have I said no! John I said you were going to school, become a pastor and that is what I meant, now you listen here young man..." with a billion of us and - I thought I was tired!

When I think about how much I love mine and how easy it is to forgive and give so willingly it makes me feel all warm and glowy inside, God loves me the same way as He forgives and gives the same way. I'll bet He even feels warm and glowy inside when He looks back at the drama moments and see's the change that has taken place in us. It's that simple, we are His children and he like any parent loves, protects, guides, teaches and punishes us to keep us on track and to have us turn out to be what He has planned for us when we are grown up Christians.

Don't get all disappointed in yourself, don't feel unworthy, don't let yourself! When you fall just reach up with your hand, your Father will be there, he will grab hold and help you up. He will give you a band aid if you need one and smile with love - just like you would your own child, just like that.

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