Friday, September 19, 2008

Give it to God, Even the Little things

I was thinking and praying today, looking at scripture and I just knew that I was not going to find my way there today. I knew that I needed to share a story and it hit me, the KFC story I wrote some time ago (2006). The story involves my granddaughter and myself and how to hand things over to God. God used me that day to show my granddaughter a big lesson, be careful those kids and grand kids are always watching.

One Big Bucket of Lesson Please 06/14/2006

While visiting at my son’s house one evening , all of us were tired, one of those “We been used all up days”, I decided to go and pick up a bucket of chicken.

My granddaughter Christian said, I want to ride. I said let’s go we were all hungry!

We got in my car and headed straight for the KFC about 2 miles from the house.

As we pulled into the line area for ordering from your vehicle, we stopped at the menu board to decide what to order. I saw in my rear view mirror a woman in a small car just rush through the lot without stopping behind us. She zipped around and wedged her vehicle in front of us at the speaker. I was so shocked I was stunned.

I said out loud, do you believe that? "Bamma are you going to just sit here? You should be telling her what you think". "I would"

My first thought was to yell something at her but, I suddenly felt calm, as the Lord touched me I knew just what to say. I looked up to heaven, eyes open and just calmly said right out loud, “Lord, she’s not mine, she’s yours, handle her!”

Christian looked at me and said “Bamma!” I replied it’s OK! I am not going to behave badly just because she did, I am going to let God be in control here. I really wanted to jump out of the car and dive right into her, thank you Lord for that soft quiet touch You gave.

The woman finished her order and moved up to the pay and pick up window. I placed our order and moved up also. Christian was still talking about how rude that lady was.

The woman was told to pull forward and wait on her order, we were told to pull to the right in a parking space to wait on ours. About 5 minutes later someone came to our car and delivered ours . Guess who was still sitting there waiting on her order even after we left?

As I backed my car out of the parking space, it was aligned with her car. I looked over to her, smiling. The look on her face and her mumblings as our eyes met were indescribable. As we pulled forward and left the parking lot, Christian and I were both smiling.

We kept looking behind, as far as we could see in the mirror, and never did see that woman pull out of the KFC lot. Christian said wow!

I looked at her and simply said, “See, God handled that much better than we would have”. She said, “Yeah, He did”.

We smiled and giggled the rest of the way home with our big bucket of juicy fried chicken, and one lesson “on the side”.


  1. I love stories like that. I need to remember to let God handle people more often.


  2. Me too Tab, a lot more often.
    Aunt Nae


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