Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Guilt Free

I have two Bible Study reference books, A Bible dictionary and concordance if you will. I was surprised when I opened them both this morning searching for the word "forward" and it is not in either. I then went to my KJV Holy Bible Concordance in the back and that word is not there either.

Hmm! Oddly enough the word backward (or backsliding) is in all of them. So I have concluded (Lord help me I'm thinking again) that going forward is simply to stop going backward while still in motion! Einstein Moment!

Years I spent heavy with guilt, then grief and the ever popular "I'm not good enough", "I'll never be clean enough" or "I"m not educated enough" It still bothers me but not with such devastation.

My education comes from experience, almost always doing things the wrong way until by the process of elimination I find the right one. But I can laugh now as I feel God laugh with me instead of my falling to the floor crying with disappointment and woe in myself forcing Him to have to yet again pick me up and yet again remind me how He is always there!

I know I must be the most stubborn and unworthy creature God ever created and still He simply and purely loves me. I have to be worth something, He never gave up on me and never will. I have "value", I have "value" and that is so much nicer to live with than woe. I discovered that when I finally stopped going backward while still in motion.

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  1. That's a keen insight, Miawa. And a revolutionary thought to many of us. It should be to all of us.

    I am valuable to God. I am cherished. I am a priceless jewel to the Creator of the Universe. Regardless of my personal relationship to Him, His relationship to me is based on 24 kt love.

    It leaves me flabbergasted every time I pause to think about it.

    Grace and Peace,


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