Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I spent a couple of days out camping this past weekend, it was as always "glorious".  I decided to go ahead and post a few pics here rather than go to page three.

I found a comfy site and set up my little tent,

Then I took a break with a luscious snack bowl of fresh fruit, yummy!

I had already unloaded my supplies, and began searching for fire wood.  Using my tomahawk and machete. I love this blade!

I found a tree with this totally cool growth pattern, I thought it was awesome, looks like a spider!
Then of course the night came, restful, calm and I was ready for it. 

So for two nights I relaxed, talking to God and finding peace.  That quiet time that I look forward to with Him. A couple of welcomed visits by my son and his son were the perfect touch.

Oh! Lord, it was wonderful, what a gift you give to all who will let You. What a way to let go.  How Your majesty is so clear and easy to see in all that You create.  I sat by the fire, alone and at peace.  Well not really alone, just me and You Father.  And Amen for All that You are.

What a perfect fire it was, a perfect night and a perfect trip.  I love you Lord.
You know exactly what I need, and You're always right there!


  1. Oh that sounds like heaven on earth.

  2. @ Ann - First floor I believe. (-:

    Nothing like a good campfire for meditation and worship!


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