Thursday, February 17, 2011

Woo-Hoo The Tree...

 Spring is here, I don't care what the calendar says.
My favorite family of woodpeckers has returned today, they showed up this morning. Here to reside through the summer in their sycamore tree in my yard.  They return and reproduce every year like clockwork as soon as the weather is changing. It is such a joy each time I see them return, God is so good and so beautiful.  
You've heard about them before so I won't go on but "they're here", Thank You Lord  for letting me wake up to them everyday.  It's just so pleasant to watch them.  Just thank You  Amen


  1. I am a HUGE woodpecker fan! I love them. Just before clicking over to your blog, I went and filled my feeders and opened my front curtains so I could watch as I read. I have three suet cakes out too and a little hairy woodpecker came up and sat for the longest time. I thank God for the day He created them. These birds bring me a lot of joy.

  2. Me too Sheri, I love watching all the creatures. It's better than pop corn and a movie!

  3. Ah yes! The birds! Spring is certainly in the air in these parts too.

  4. And it feels so good Bill, we had a colder winter here in Florida than we are use to, I'm so glad to see the woodpeckers and the blue birds back. t just makes me smile.

  5. The first signs of spring are such a treasure, glad to hear your little treasures have returned :)

  6. I'm just tired of winter, I can't imagine how you feel!


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