Friday, February 11, 2011

Taking a Little Stroll

( Thursday 2/10)
I've been a little "yukee" the last week or more, my leg (actually knee with radiating pain) has had me on the sofa, propped up and hoping to wait it out.

Today I just took a little stroll down memory lane filling the time and getting away from books for a while,  research reading and my best friend/enemy ta-da!, ta-da! CROSSWORD PUZZLES. 

I was thinking about some sweet happenings like, my youngest grandchild who a few weeks ago asked, Bamma are you ever going to get married again? to which I replied, I don't know the Lord may send some wonderful man my way and I may be smart enough to listen, as I giggled a little smile.  He said, that's gonna be really strange! I asked, What? To which he replied, seeing you with little babies as ooold as you are. AYKES! I nearly screamed.

After collecting myself in a matter of only seconds I simply said, no dear I can't have children, I'm much to ooold.  I let it go at that, fearing this would end up in a conversation about "the birds and the bees" which I would gladly have deferred to his parents.(I ain't going there!)

I drifted way back in thought to a time when I was much younger, when my son was six.  I was dressed in a long, silky, loose fitting dress with a low neck line.  I was attending a holiday party and about to walk out the door.  He approached me, stood in front of me and said "your not wearing that out of this house" - Say what young man!  He said, your not wearing that dress out of this house, the top's not big enough.  I had a rush of "who, what, wait a minute" than I caught myself, I simply put a button up blazer over the dress and left with him still feeling his, (very tiny) over sized dose of manhood still in tact. Now when I think of it it's just so cute, the memory.

Oh! One of my favorite's is the day I walked in the door from work and was stunned by the appearance of - maybe snow? (we live in Florida) - all over the kitchen.  It was as if a white shadow had been cast all over the room from top to bottom and side to side.  I just stood in silence staring and imagining what in the world could have done this!  As the three of my children "froze in time" fearful to take a step or a breath, fearful to make even the slightest body movement, my eyes saw across the room, the fire extinguisher lying on the counter top and bingo!  I had the answer.  Still in shock I'm not sure exactly what my words were but I am sure that as the moment in time "unfroze" they were each in hand with a broom, mop or rag and the puzzle pieces just fell into place.  It's so funny now because I have an instant replay button in my mind that shows it again and again.

Three children and eight grandchildren later I must have thousands of little stories tucked away in my brain and to tell you the truth, this has been one of the most fun days (for a sick day) I've had in a long time. 

Lord I hope when you have a day like today you can find fond and special little stories about me - I hope I've given you reason to stroll down memory lane and smile when you think of me.   Amen to that!


  1. Memories are the "time capsules" of the soul!Hope God let's us keep the good ones.

  2. I've never really thought about God reliving His fond memories of His children.

    What a comforting thought.

    Have a restful, healing weekend.


  3. What a great little stroll you took. Out of the mouths of babes come some wonderful things some
    I love looking back on some of those memories of when my kids were little. I can laugh at the things that at the time didn't seem quite so funny

  4. That is so true Anne that some of them weren't so funny at the time were they. But now we get the pleasure of seeing the humor in it all.


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