Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kindness, Kindness, Keep Saying It!

Yes I had to run to the store to take a neighbor. That store! You know the big WM, oh mercy!

While trying to park my car, to wait on the neighbor as she shopped, two other cars dove to where I was, recklessly and piggishly. One actually came toward me in my lane and pitched her car across the two lanes in the parking lot to stop me and the car coming in the other direction, to block us and take that spot (which I had the right to). I had a moment, I did.

After she finagled her car and made it into the stolen parking spot I drove on to the end of the lane. I was going to go right but something (someone) told me to go left. I looked and at the front end of the second lane "the second parking space" right smack dab in front of the entrance was an open spot. I parked and said "thank You Lord for not letting me get hit, thank You Lord for keeping my big mouth shut and thank You Lord for handing me this perfect space in which to park. Amen"

Remember Miawa "kindness, kindness" I kept saying that.

While in the second store, I picked up a couple of items and headed for the register slowly, because I don't have a "rush" mode any more. A woman and her husband were plowing through everyone splitting into different directions to scope each line and find the shortest one, the other to then join that one, no regard for of all the other shoppers. No doubt by her command it appeared. As I walked to the line I had chosen, she broke into a speed mode and attempted to rip in front of me. I happened to slowly step into it first. She twisted herself into a knot and said "come here" to her husband, he said "now what?" she said, "I gone be slapping ole granny's head off" very loudly. I don't know what happened but I looked at her calmly, I spoke calmly, as I heard a voice calmly say to me - you don't have to take that, so for granny's everywhere, I said out loud! "excuse me, excuse me, are you speaking to me?" as I looked directly at her. She glared at me with shock, flipped her head and faced her husband, he busted out laughing and said "You done been caught, I bet you gone be shut'n your mouth now!" and he chuckled. She stormed away in a twit as he looked at me with a huge grin and almost a look of relief, being released from the ball and chain she was dragging him all over the store with. I smiled at him and said "Have a blessed day and a Merry Christmas to you both". And it felt pretty good.

A bully is a bully is a bully. Just like what children do to each other, many younger adults think they can bully and intimidate the elderly, well not this old lady, they have no clue!

(Only one more Nightmare On Christmas Lane story - hang in there!)

I had to go to another store for myself. I quickly picked up my few items and headed for "Dum, Dum, Dum, Dum " that very dark and deep hole, treacherously filled with people scratching and clawing to get out of the store in a rush, yes I couragously entered "The Line" again . As I get into the line with 4 people ahead of me I keep saying to myself, remember kindness, kindness.

The man who came up behind me was very close and I didn't like it. As the line moved up one person so did I move. The man behind me moved up also, even closer to me I ACTUALLY FELT HIS BREATH ON MY NECK, so-not-cool!

As I took a small step forward to break away from him, he moved right up on me again. I couldn't take it anymore. While reminding myself, Kindness, kindness! I turned and said "man, you are literally breathing down my neck and I don't like it, I am going to step forward again, please do not step forward also". "You will not get there any sooner by breathing on me as a matter of fact, I may decide to move even slower" I moved forward again and he stayed. Phew! and again Thank You Lord. The look he gave me, I wouldn't wish on anyone but he listened.

There are also the very nice people who understand what Christmas really is, the season of joy. I went into a Big Lots to grab one item. I got in the line and the man ahead of me, young and oh so cute (If only I was 40 years younger) was pulling the money out of his pocket. He dropped a handful of cash while putting the money back in. I said "Oh, sir you just dropped your money on the floor" He said "thank you mam, do you know how many people wouldn't have told me that?" I said I sure do unfortunately, this world just isn't full of Christians is it dear. He smiled at me and said "mam, could I buy that item for you just as a Christmas present" I of course told him no and how sweet he was. He had a warm, sweet Christian kind of smile and I'm pretty sure he recognized mine.

He paid for his items and walked to the door, he put his hand on the push bar and looked back to the register saying "Merry Christmas lady, I think you dropped your money on the floor" I looked down and there he had deliberately dropped a ten dollar bill. The cashier was giggling, she said, I saw him do that. I smiled at him and wished him a wonderful Christmas as he darted out the door so to get away before I could catch up with him. He made me feel so good it just washed away the other crap from the other people who possibly don't know that Christ is in Christmas.

I do my best to stay out of the stores once the season begins and I have to say the first three incidents almost, I said almost, got to me. But the kind young man in the last store brought the Spirit right back to me in a flood of warmness and sweetness so kindly orchestrated by the Hand of Christ our Lord and King. He's just always there isn't He, when we ask Him to be.

Ephesians 4:32
And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.

Merry Christmas


  1. This is a lovely memory, Miawa! I wish you a happy, peace-filled, joyful Christmas.


  2. The "mind of Christ" eh, Miawa?

  3. It's sad that such a joyful season can bring out the worst in some people. Your experience at the last store brought a tear to my eye. What a sweet young man. If only there were more people in the world like him.


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