Friday, October 1, 2010

Picture Perfect Friday

I went camping with Z last weekend and we had a wonderful and blessed time. We did exactly nothing but read and meditate, a total "chill pill". I took pictures of course.

Butterflies were everywhere, by hundreds on the large sets of bushes, many kinds and colors.

Lord, You blessed me so with the excitement I felt standing there with my camera as butterflies fluttered everywhere, I felt chills when these beautiful graceful creatures swarmed me. They were all around me, as I reached out with my left arm, a beautiful yellow one seemed to follow my hand as I waved my arm, and briefly touched my finger as if it thought for a second that I was safe enough to land on and share that moment with.

I can't begin to tell my friends the calm, overwhelming grace and awe I felt in those moments! I will try to say it in pictures Lord.

Father, please bless those who read this blog with the same feeling of grace as they try to imagine what I felt in Your presence at that moment. Amen


  1. Lovely. Have you thought about how much we as spiritual beings are like those butterflies? How we start out when we first get saved as ugly, squirmy caterpillars? And how the Lord miraculously changes us inside His safe cacoon until we are ready to fly free with wings of beauty like these delicate creatures?

    Maybe that's why you garner such peace from them, they strike a familiar chord in your heart.


  2. I've seen the vast mud banks of the Amazon carpeted with a rainbow as butterflies extracted minerals. Unforgettable!

  3. That must have been awesome to see all those butterflies. Love the photos.


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