Monday, October 18, 2010

Mt. Mori'ah

I've been following passages in the Holy Word of God and seeking from God the full 'story' for lack of a better word about the subjects I've been introduced to in my life, (I hope that made sense).

We all know the traditional historical accounts we have been handed in our Sunday School lessons, In the Beginning, Noah and the Ark, Joshua, Moses, The wisdom of King Solomon, ...The Crucifixion of Christ. I know something of these accounts but I want to know everything about them. Not just memorization.

I want them explained to me and guess what, they are. I have discovered through research, for example, the story of Noah was not just handed to us in the book of Genesis and "that was that" as they say, but follows on through the Bible in Genesis, Isaiah, John, and Matthew. Christ referenced the flood of Noah's time and the removal of mankind from this earth, to speak of when God will send His Son again and will remove His people from the earth, this time, those who have accepted Christ as their personal Savior. Matthew 24:36-46

I went off on a tangent again, sorry!

In my searching through the Bible about love I have learned something new and fulfilling to me.

(on a personal note: I have a way when writing for some reason of ending a story the way I began it. I don't know where that came from it just happens to be the way I feel like, I am getting my story across. Maybe you have noticed! it's OK you can laugh at me)

OK, the first use of the word "love" in the Bible is in Genesis 22:2 when Abraham was commanded to follow God's will by taking his son, ..."thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest..." to Mt. Mori'ah and sacrifice him. Abraham was ready to follow God's will. Abraham loved God so much that God was first in his life and his heart, as Christ commanded us. Mark 12:30

Maybe God writes the same way - (I'm laughing at myself), however, did you know as I do now, that Mt. Mori'ah is also the place where God sent His Son to be crucified. It is believed to be the same Mt. Mori'ah, due to locations and people noted through all accounts. It is accepted that God planned the first and final act of His Great and Almighty Sacrificial love at that same exact place.

The same Mt. Mori'ah is also the place where Solomon began to build The House of The Lord at Jerusalem. "This Mount has witnessed the offered sacrifice of Isaac-the vision of God's judgment and mercy, the presence of His Temple and Worship, and the Crucifixion". (Stated from: Smith's Bible Dictionary)

I don't find that difficult to believe and I am so fulfilled researching rather than just accepting things that were pounded into me, know what I mean? Those lessons were handed to me as topics to study and I just went on about my way, as many of us have done. I should have been doing this my whole life. God has opened His Word up to me because I asked Him to.

With God's Word, the help of loved ones, books by those who have studied already and websites, we have access to so much Biblical historical information- Thank You Father, I am loving this. Amen

What a significant place that is for God, makes me want to stand there too, arms wide open, peering up into the heavens just breathing in God, on Mt. Mori'ah!


  1. On a purely personal level, I believe that Mt Moriah was also where the pre-flood Garden of Eden was planted. It seems to be a favorite place for God on earth. Eden is where He first walked and talked with man.

    The second mention of love in the Bible is when Isaac met Rebekah. (Gen. 24:63-67)

    First the Father loved His Son then the Son loved His Bride. Beautiful picture!

  2. Absolutely Gale, I can't imagine the beauty. And your right, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if that's exactly where the garden of Eden was.

  3. I would never laugh at you, it's called laughing "with" you :)

  4. Well keep laughing "with" me Annie, keep laughing.


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