Wednesday, October 27, 2010

He broke His Pogo Stick

Oh My! My grandson N is spending a few days with me and having a blast. He came here with his bicycle and his pogo stick which has brought him endless hours of jumping pleasure, Oh to be a kid again.

His was metal and larger, and he met one of the kids here who owned a smaller one, more suited to his size which was plastic. He couldn't wait to trade and has enjoyed leaping everywhere.

Tuesday evening he got mad because the big boys (who have been wonderful to him) wanted to spend some big guy time together, boy did he get mad, he's only 9.

He took his pogo and threw it as hard as he could. Oh Yea! he broke it and I can't see anyway to fix it because it's plastic.

We have been round and round about "it's there fault, they made me mad, they broke it" oh no little buddy, you threw it, you let your temper get the best of you and you broke it. He just can't see his way to accepting responsibility for his actions.

I pointed out to him how, his own temper and lack of control was the culprit and he just won't accept that. He got angry at them and destroyed his own property, they never touched it.

I'm sitting here thinking about how many times in my life I have hurt my own property or relationships or seen others do the same because we have allowed our tempers to get the best of us. He will learn, the hard way like his Bamma. I guess bullheadedness runs in the family, poor baby.

Lord I want to take this minute to thank You, one of the best things You ever did for me was to show me that my "temper" was my own doing, and how much better life is to have gotten that under control, phew! It really is just a blatant refusal to control ones self - I sure hope N learns soon before he destroys every toy he owns.


  1. Poor baby! [Just joking!]

    You're such a wise Grandma to help him learn to accept personal responsibility before he flushes his whole life down the toilet.


  2. You got that right Sister Jean, he is so wonderful and that temper - that's his downfall which he doesn't know yet!

  3. It sure is tough having to learn things the hard way but I can relate because I think I've been in N's shoes a time or
    It took a lot of years before I learned that only I can make me angry :)

  4. Boy oh boy, how many times have i heard "she/he made me do it!" Both of my kids had a hard time understanding that no one can MAKE you do anything. Self-responsibility is one of those lessons that takes some introspection that a lot of kids either can't or wont understand.
    Hugs to you Bamma, you are wonderful!!

  5. Thanks ladies.
    Hi Wondywoman!


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