Saturday, August 28, 2010


I don't usually write on Saturday but "I'm alone" and it feels so good I just felt like sitting back with the ole 'pen and paper', so to speak.

My Mom went to her sisters for a big birthday bash, and Z is at his mom's so wow, it's like shhhhh! around here and I love it. Am I going to get lonely? Not a chance, I don't even know what lonely feels like!

I was focusing on some odd jobs today, pulling weeds, cleaning out a cabinet, cleaning out the freezer and I suddenly realized that I really could do absolutely nothing and get away with it.

I ran to the store and grabbed some diet Sierra Mist and some lime sherbet and right now I think I'm in heaven...use to be it was chocolate ice cream and regular coca-cola but I've been working on eating healthier lately. The only thing left that could make it a perfect night would be to stretch out on the sofa with my plaid blankie (toes and nose only hanging out) watching "One Night with a King", shucks! I loaned it out and never got it back, I don't even remember who to.

A year ago I weighed 192 lbs and for some reason dropped 20 lbs, recently with my little hospital trip I lost another 7 lbs and this week, ta-da 2 more!!! So while on this role with the new me of 163 lbs (OMGosh that's 29 lbs) I thought - why not keep going, at least try, right!

So here I am searching the cable channels for a 'near' perfect movie but nay, there isn't one. That means now here I am writing and scribbling as I do, at the ole eblogger site, just chatting with my friends and loved ones as if any of you could actually hear me (what was I thinking).

I feel nice tonight, my neighbor M came over for about 30 minutes and the two brothers checked on how I feel today (they always do). My dear friend R and her husband R came by to see me and my two daughters each chatted with me today so yea! it's been a pleasant day, thank You Father, thank You.

These wind-down days are few and far between but somehow they are always right when I need them, perfect timing Lord! You are so good to me.

OK, "shutting up now" as Z would say, It's 9:15 pm, I found another move to put in the DVD player, "The Passion" I'm gonna stretch out with that blankie and snooze away - - - - - -yum! I love lime sherbet, Nighty-nite all!

( let God bless you today, He wants to every day you know, when we let Him do things His way)


  1. Sounds like you had a perfect day. I remember what it used to feel like when I got one of those rare "just me home alone" days. A little bit of heaven on earth :)

  2. Sounds like a perfect wind-down--a vegging day!




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