Friday, July 30, 2010

Picture Perfect Friday

Instead of so many pictures I put up a collage of each of my children s families.

The first one is my oldest, Toni and her family. She is married to D and has two son's A and J.

The Second is my son Chris and his wife C, they have 4 children T, S, C and N.

And my youngest Maggie with her husband V, and two son's J and Z.
Oops! I did it again. She complains that I always list her last and I guess she's right. I go chronologically by birth (first being first). Sorry Mag! I love you just as much I promise!


  1. I know you are very proud of them, and love them very much. These kids and grandkids never work their way out of our hearts, do they?

    Blessings on each one of them.


  2. Those are great. You have a lovely family


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