Friday, July 16, 2010

Every Chance We Get

Here I am 59 years old and can't get enough of nature.

I'm still hiking, camping and investigating any undeveloped land my two legs can find.

I have trouble walking and struggle on pavement but get me out in nature and I can go, go, go. It 'encourages' my body, mind and spirit. I can't begin to explain how it's possible that at 59 I see every single tree God created as a new work of art still, after all these years.

I have this real thing about photographing the fungi and moss, which includes those beautiful mushrooms that grow all over Florida.

I feel God's presence, I feel His touch and I hear His voice easier and louder when I look at what He has created without the touch of man on it.

I can still drive down the road and feel amazement when I look at every tree along the roadside and see the vast differences when they are the same kind of tree, each being an individual artistic expression.

My youngest daughter and her husband love to "look-see" also, we spend a lot of weekends walking through the woods, viewing the lakes, rivers and ponds, the plant life on the ground and everything above us too. A gator, a raccoon or a deer every now and then is twice the treat and of course I am a shutter-bug.

As we left the path we were on Saturday a week ago, we saw that my daughter had picked up a little hitch hiker, this cute little frog had made it to her shoulder and then I guess didn't know how to get down or, maybe was enjoying the free ride. As we laughed, oowed and awed, we released him and continued on our journey to that pik-nic basket waiting at the end of the trail for us.

Sweet little guy!

God's Grace is so powerful, His peace is so fulfilling and His art is so breathtaking - His presence is EVERY WHERE and never more evident to me (I'll say it again!) than when in His forest - The earth IS God's Canvas.


  1. What beautiful photos. And your thoughts are just as beautiful, Miawa.

    I can only Amen! what you said, "The earth IS God's Canvas."

    And we are His image shaped in clay.


  2. I hear you Miawa. I'm in awe of the things I see when I'm out and about. My biggest fascination lately has been the birds. The power of flight that they possess and the gracefulness as they soar through the sky. Just awesome


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