Thursday, February 4, 2010

Uh Uh Uh!

This is Wednesday evening as I write and I am still in a fluster over what I saw this evening at the Walmart in Gainesville Florida on Waldo Road.

We all know I don't go to Walmart for myself but a neighbor needed a ride which I gave. I sat in the car waiting as he shopped and was rudely snapped into a state as I heard breaking from the silence, screaming and cursing.

I of course looked to see what was happening. A tall, thin very old white man, at least 85 was hunched over and making his way with his little old wife to their car which was in a handicapped parking place. As they took each tiny, slow step all the way from the door a large, big mouth, rude, middle age black woman was humiliating herself in front of the entire parking lot cursing him constantly.

"You SOB," "You MFer..." "You sorry old piece of Sh.., I'm F-ing - OMGosh she continued even as they were in their car. She went past them to her car and then backed up and could be heard screaming and cursing in the most vile manor as she drove off even.

I had stepped out to see that they were in their car and OK and that she had gone on. It was the most disrespectful display to God, this old man and everyone in the area I can ever remember seeing and I've seen a lot! It was unbelievable.

When the neighbor came to my car he asked, "did you see any of that?" I said OMGosh yes, you were in the store how did you know. He answered "it started in the store in the line". Wow I described what I saw and he commented, so she was still on him out here, um! How terrible.

He said the woman screaming and cursing had seen someone in line she knew and was breaking in this long line in front of this old man and he softly spoke up! Good for him!

I want to say we are adults, only when you are children do you get "one-sies", "saves", "dubs", or "break-sies". We are not in elementary school any longer, it is not fare to the person waiting in line for 20 minutes or even 5 that you can jump in any place and put out the person who has behaved in an adult manor and make them wait even longer. "It ain't cool people".

What happened today was shameful and after getting over my initial reaction which was anger I know that I need to feel compassion for both parties and pray for each of them. This is one of those "she's not mine Lord, she's Yours, You handle her!" situations.

I am praying tonight she regrets what she did and feels a need to talk to You Father about it and let's You make it all OK for each of them. Amen

I was, to say the least, VERY unimpressed with the fact that this started in the store and no one from Walmart saw these old people to their car and protected them. No one stepped in and did anything! The abuse was almost and I said almost, unforgivable. I just wanted to be sure they were in their car and pulling off safely and on their way. Apparently no one from my 'favorite' u-hum (feel the sarcasm) store felt the same way, not management or security.

Lord life is pretty tough down here and it's getting to us. Lead us each to bring these things to You and let You handle them when we feel tired, frustrated, angry, sorrowful or just plain all-in-all beat up, don't let us take it out on each other. Teach us all to stop, pray and then open our big mouths!. Amen



  1. Or open our big mouths to YOU only, Father. You're right. Her behavior was way past disrespectul, way past indecent.

    It's a scary world out there--at Wal-mart or Burdines, it doesn't matter where.

    Lord, make us compassionate human beings!


  2. The saddest part of all of this is the fact that the woman will most likely never feel regret for treating that couple that way.
    The whole thing doesn't say a whole lot for the fine folks of Walmart either does it


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