Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Old

I don't say that with any regret, I have always said - "there are only two possibilities, grow old or die young, I'll take the latter please"! So I promised myself I would do it as gracefully as I could.

Thank You Lord Jesus for every day, no matter how miserable I feel, or how much I ache and complain I do know that You have seen fit to give me another day to use for You.

Another opportunity to instead of selfishly feeling my bad, move past it and use that day for someone else in Your Precious Name. Oh yes I fall short and have to start again but at the end of the day, I remember.

I have to work on remembering first thing, instead of last thing, those 'some days'! I can do it Father, I can.


  1. If only my rememberer would work BEFORE I do or say some of those dumb things! Sometimes I think it only works in reverse.

    Help me, too, Lord, to stop and think BEFORE I open my mouth.


  2. I've never been good at prayer or remember to do so when things are going good. But I do have a ritual on my long morning drive during the week. I spend it in silent prayer. It always starts off with "Thank you for another day to try and get things right"


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