Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christ's Birthday vs Santa Clause.

I was just thinking again,

I have raised three children and now am blessed with eight beautiful grandchildren. Having heard all the pros and cons about the celebration from everyone, involving varied opinions, I have one of my own.

First and foremost it is of course the celebration of the birth of our Christ and Lord and that is truly what the focus of Christmas should be. But, I don't believe it means we can't also enjoy the season with beautiful lights, yummy candy and most important with the imagination of a child.

Imagination is a gift from God to every child. It is encouraged or stifled in their upbringing. It is not just the magic it is much more. Using the imagination encourages growth, desire, and abilities. It teaches about reaching for the stars, never giving up and it gives children the ability to "stretch" their thoughts and to be creative for the rest of their lives.

My Pastor says (and I agree) that Halloween for example was an innocent holiday where children purely imagined, created and found fun until we the Christians ourselves got on our soap-box, and made the claim it was an anti-Christ religious holiday. It was never thought of as a religious holiday until we did that and planted the idea in our wonderful children s minds.

So foremost CHRISTmas is Christs birthday but why not let the children ALSO use their imagination and enjoy the magic and wonder of it all. They learn soon enough their is no Santa. Why can't they love both!

It's our job to teach them the meaning of Christmas and, to encourage their wonderful God given imagination,
that's what I think anyway.


  1. And you said it so nicely.

    I think it boils down to your statement, "It's our job to teach them the meaning of Christmas and, to encourage their wonderful God given imagination."

    We parents and grandparents have to decide how much emphasis to place on CHRIST at Christmas and SANTA at Christmas.

    But it's a shame that so many children know only the Santa part.

    Merry Christmas, Miawa!


  2. I agree 100%!! Love you, Tab
    (Posted copy from an email)


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