Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Whole World Stops! respect and fear of a machine.

I am 58 years old and remember quite a few years back into my past to about 4.

There were no computers in homes or businesses, I didn't even know they existed. The only computers that did exist were these huge Main-Frames that took up a entire room to house and were restricted to their own one unit. They were giants.

Today everyone has a PC or a laptop, gosh even a blackberry or the likeness of that's the size of a phone. Every business, every home, library and now even the coffee shops has access to the net for you. It's Amazing isn't it. I can hold a computer in the palm of my hand and have access and control to millions of sites and into millions of peoples lives.

It's to big to think about! It's creative and destructive, it's amazing and scary, and it's wonderful and it's horrendous.

Yesterday we had a "window to the world" and today we have a "worm". There has been so much information and warning and conversation that, if you stop and think about it, has the whole world on the very edge, yep one little worm. Hmmm!

All because we have allowed our lives to become controlled by a tiny little itty bitty chip, in that we have become completely attached to each other by this means.

What if this worm is as destructive as they say and really can cut us off from the world? How did we become so dependant on this means of simply communicating. It's fast, covers a lot of territory in the stroke of a key, inexpensive, and fun.

I realize I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, and I think I'm trying to make a point here (LOL), one that is running around in my brain today provoked by the presence of this new little bugger. Our TOTAL dependence on this man made device, that's my point.

What if the whole world depended on God that way? What if our every move was dictated by Him? What if we had to greet each other personally and with a real hug or a handshake rather than the stroke of a key! We would all be laughing at this silly worm instead of fearing it.

There once were...forms of communication known as letter writing, and visiting, and hugging.

The net is great in many ways we can share God and spread the word but in reality we are typically sharing with our own - you know other Christians. That's an important job but are we restricting ourselves to that. Are our blogs reaching those who need them? I guess we can only pray that they are, that someone will 'happen' on them as God sends them in our direction.

Remember when churches use to meet one night a week and go door knocking? I remember being dragged along as a youth with the adults to learn how to meet, speak and witness to people who needed to be reached. I also remember those times when someone was saved right there in their living room on their knees, praying with this stranger and the confessions to God that filled your spirit as this person accepted Christ as their personal Saviour.

Today's world is dangerous, strangers are dangerous, going in some one's home is dangerous - but we use to depend on God to protect us as we ventured there.

Now we depend on the safety of our home, our desk and our chair and the almighty keyboard!! Please forgive me if I sound cynical that's not how I feel or intend to sound, just thought provoking.

I am a gypsy and have lived in many, many places and visited many different churches and in the past 30 years I can say with certainty that only ONE church ever visited me. I get emails and letters in the mail and no, not even a phone call. One church and that was Flemming Island Southern Baptist Church in Orange Park Florida. They came knocking with a car full of teenagers led by an adult couple, sharing with these young people how to "go" as Christ commanded. And they didn't visit once, they came routinely and brought the word of God and the news about the church and invitations to everything. They shared privately and lovingly and personally. Even after I brought my letter there, they came to see me and talk to Z and keep sharing the love of God.

Computers are a grand thing, we can go so far so fast but in reality where exactly are we going, and under who's thumb are we operating? And in an instant you can be destroyed, that's fear I don't like and it's because of the dependence I have allowed in my life.

I'm working on doing something about it, by getting to know my neighbors and sharing with them. By greeting strangers with "what a beautiful day God made today" and the cashier of a store with "Have a blessed day dear, Christ loves you". Yep I'm working on changes that are personal and in close contact with people, real contact. Taking those tiny steps God keeps handing me and about that worm - pooh! on you.

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  1. Pooh on you, huh?

    I'm so glad you've determined to do something about living in an impersonal world, Miawa. I know it's a big step for you. You like your solitude. It really stretches you to work on building relationships with "strangers."

    I need to get out of my little cubicle, too. I know the names of only 3-4 of my neighbors (out of more than 100 houses). Shame on me.

    Thanks for the poignant reminder. I needed it.



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