Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Friday

(I really love the tiny twisted twig, it was so tiny it was hair size and I can't believe it photgraphed so clearly. I couldn't really see it without the camera)

Just thought I would share a few pictures and enjoy my garden with you and tell you to have a wonderful, blessed and full weekend.

Remember Christ in everything you do and love each other really big this weekend.



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  1. Watching things grow. It helps me to remember to watch people grow, too. Like your twisted twig and your solitary rose the people in your life all grow differently, don't they?

    Watching the plants as they struggle to harmonize with the earth reminds me that the people I love do the same thing. Seems like we all struggle to fit in, to meld, to become part of the scenery. And sometimes, to stand out as beautiful, fragrant, worthy.

    I know your garden brings you moments of quiet and peace. Mine does that for me, too. And beauty. For me there doesn't have to be vibrant colors. When my garden is lush and green (like right now) before the rainbow of heads are bouncing in the wind, it is most peaceful.

    Enough rambling...

    Enjoy the beauty, the frarance, the solitude, the peace.

    "What grows from the soil is good for the growing heart."

    Love you,


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