Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm Stretched!

It's Monday again, I am 'stretched' (a nicer word for stressed) and hanging in there Lord.

My grandson J is here as is his mother, I am so grateful that God has allowed them in my life and want so much to offer God's will to them. I can see it will have to be slowly and tactfully like those 'tiny steps' God keeps offering to me.

J needs all your prayers and I need your encouragement to stay on track because this is going to be a big one for God to handle. I love J like I love the sun and the moon but he has had a really hard life and has in the last couple of years turned his back completely on God as have many others out there that need our prayers for their hearts to be softened.

He is of the opinion right now that there is no God, no Satan, no life after death and is very defiant and obnoxious about it. Lord this child needs You to be patient and loving to him but he also needs a good thump up side the head.

I don't believe that his heart believes that, he professed his faith in You and Your Son a number of years ago and has now given up on You - please love him back into your arms, open his heart - use me!

My prayer today is not just for J but for the millions who don't know You or have turned their backs on You and need to feel and share Your love.

The time is now!

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  1. Oh, I can so relate.

    Lord, pierce that armour J has built up around his heart. Lord, love him back into Your arms. Lord, show him the way Home to You.




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