Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Seasons of My Garden

It's still raining here in my part of Florida but it has let up from a solid rain to a light one. The temp tonight is suppose to get down to 32, Wednesday night 27 and then Thursday 22 - brrrrrr!

I hate the cold, that's why I love Florida. But I have to accept that it's part of the cycle God has planned for the earth. Our earth has to go through the winter, the spring, the summer and the fall to renew it'self. It's all part of the plan isn't it Lord!

The plants have to fall down, or wither and die on the outside to drop all their seeds and to rest and renew their roots and come back again starting in spring after being protected by the soil. To do it all again and to bring up all the new from the from the past plants of the earth. It's a plan that works, God's plans always do.

Man has chose to interfere with that perfect plan and now our seasons are all off kilter, our plants aren't producing properly, our fruits of the vine are contaminated and thus our bodys too are contaminated. We just can't leave it alone and let it happen naturally, we have to improve on God's perfect plan.

It's the same way I think with our spiritual seasons and growth. We have to go through steps we can't skip any or create any, we have to follow God's plan. It's not easy because we make decisions about what point we want to get to, what job we want to do for God and...It just never works. The hardest things I had to learn were just to 'listen' and 'wait'. God decides, He tell's us, we listen, we do. When we don't follow that we are so asking for trouble and you are hearing this from someone who learns everything the hard way.

God and I have an ageement, He talks and I listen, when I don't He just reaches down and gives me a gentle thump of his finger on my head and reminds me. I like that, it works for me.

The seasons of our spirituality, I don't know the names for them I just know I can feel when I have changed from one level (for lack of a better word) to another, when God is really handing me something and when He's not! I can feel in my heart when "I got it" what I know is I'm growing. My spiritual seasons are changing in me.

I know that my Lord is pleased when I allow Him to tend my spiritual garden and I just do the growing.

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  1. Amen! We'd all like to live in a "Hawaiian climate (78 degrees all year)" both physically & spiritually. But we ALL learn the hard way. We all grow stronger through struggle.

    Jesus said that a corn of wheat (a seed) MUST fall into the earth & die if it is to produce more wheat. It can only live by dying.

    We're the same way. We can only live out our spiritual purpose & destiny after we pass through dying to self.

    And that's part of the cycle God has created for the earth, and for us.

    Winter for rest & strengthening.
    Spring for bursting out with new growth.
    Summer for producing fruit for Him.
    Fall for displaying His spectacular beauty & for harvesting the results of His work in us.

    And the cycle repeats itself again & again.



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