Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I love You Lord

...did I tell you that today? More importantly did I tell someone else that You Love Them! Uh um, I'm not sure that I did.

A while back I was driving my auto through Jacksonville Florida when It stalled and wouldn't stay running. I finally got off the road into a parking lot and made a call for help to a family member.

While waiting there an elderly gentlemen pulled up in his huge old auto to see if he could assist. "Thank you sir but I have made a call and help in on it's way". He smiled really big as he said "I didn't really stop to see about your car, I stopped to see if anyone told you today that Jesus Loves You"

I giggled at his warm smile and sense of humor and the pure joy I felt when he said that.

I need to tell someone everyday that Jesus loves them, and I intended to. I have fallen short yet again and now I have to fix that. I am so glad this story came to mind again for me and that I felt that same warm glowing joy as I recalled his words and smile of that day.

What a sweet man and a sweet Christian who really is spreading the word. We don't have to preach a sermon or quote the bible to witness, we just have to let someone else in on how wonderful it feels, just a few words with a Christian smile. By the way friend "has any one told you today that Jesus loves you? Well I'm telling you now

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  1. What a wonderful story! The car stalling was a huge aggrivation, wasn't it? But what a blessing that God sent a special "angel" just to tell you that you are loved.

    We can never hear that too much, can we?

    BTW - I love you.



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